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First off, I am not a chiropractor. My name is David Gutierrez and I work in light construction. I have a wife and two beautiful kids and I seem like the last person to be doing anything about chiropractic.

I spend a lot of time in my job lifting things, as well as working in cold and windy weather outdoors (where you can feel the damp and cold getting into your bones). Inevitably these things take their toll and I ended up with back and neck problems.

Like most guys I ignored it, and carried on. (Funnily enough I look after my house better, fixing things at the first sign of trouble). Of course, the pain only got worse, so In just kept taking more and stronger painkillers.

Finally though it got to the point where I though, “I’ve got to do something about this or I may end up being unable to work.” So, with loss of income staring me in the face I began looking for what could help.

And as you’ve probably guessed by now, it was a chiropractor called Mark Davies that helped stop the problems getting worse, and after some time began turning things around to the point where my back feels great.

He also recommended I start doing more exercise, so although the gym does help me, I know it’s the regular top-ups from the chiropractor which keep me going, feeling good and mostly pain free.

So, that’s why you’re reading these words. I’m going to share some insights about chiropractic care and what to look out for to make sure you get a good one who can help you. Don’t expect fancy scientific articles or discussions about how this muscle works or where that bone goes – this is done from the perspective of a user and a regular person.

I hope you enjoy it.



Just to get you going, here is a video showing you what it’s like to get a chiropractic treatment. Don’t worry, although you hear the cracking noise from the neck, it isn’t painful in the least – it’s just air apparently.

If you want a more scientific explanation of chiropractic treatment then try this page on wikipedia.

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